Crossan Family Foundation and Powerday Help Re-Establish the Dale Youth Boxing Club

Official Re-Opening of Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club following the Grenfell Tower Disaster

The club re-opened on Thursday 12th October 2017 at Low Wood Court (Car Park), in Westbourne Park Road, London

The Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club opened their world class, new club headquarters based on the mezzanine floor of the tragic Grenfell Tower in May 2016, with support from the Crossan Family Foundation and Powerday only last year.

As we are all aware, this year’s tragic fire had a massive impact and affected so many lives. Loved ones were lost and many were left homeless, while the club headquarters were also affected.

As part of the repatriation of all tenants and organisations, the ‘Dale’ have been offered an interim alternative club base within the community it has served loyally for over 80 years. In partnership with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and also with support and assistance again coming from Powerday and The Crossan Family Foundation, Kensington and Chelsea Foundation, KX Fitness and Matchroom Boxing, the club will now be able to continue their voluntary service in and around the Grenfell Tower area for young people – some of whom were personally affected in the tragic event. The partners delivered £50,000 to complete the re-location, providing new equipment and improvements.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Leader, Councillor Elizabeth Campbell, said at the opening: ‘Sport and Boxing play a large part in the health and wellbeing of young people and we are committed to helping clubs and organisations to assist in providing the big benefits sport has to offer – such as respect, discipline and commitment. But it is respect that matters so much, we can and should use this in all our dealings throughout our community and lives. We are pleased to have helped the club previously, now and also in the future, and allow the wonderful volunteers to support young people and constructive activities’.

Mick Crossan, Crossan Family Foundation and Powerday Chairman, stated: ‘I was born in the area and was also very pleased to be at the opening of the previous World Class Gym in May 2016, where young people’s faces painted a picture of Christmas all coming together in one package with the new club and equipment. Something touched me that day and it was the comments made by former member George Groves who displayed real emotion when opening the former club, as it meant so much to him in his development and life.

Through the adversity of the tragic fire the club is back and its benefits are now again available to help young people be part of something very special at ‘The Dale’ and improve lives, health and wellbeing for young people, whilst also producing World Champions such as the two current Super Middleweight Champions, George Groves and James DeGale, both products of this wonderful and iconic club.’