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How You Can Help

Working with local clubs, sporting projects and local authorities

How You Can Help

Personal Donations and Giving

As an individual you are able to donate or give funds to the Foundation to support its work and ensure others are assisted in their local areas across London, by forwarding cheques or payments to the registered office.

Events, Social and Corporate Entertainment

The Powerday Foundation will be staging an Annual Calendar of Events and Tournaments seeking to promote and raise funding for the young people and causes across London it seeks to positively support.

Please visit our Events page for updates and details.

Just Giving

The simple on online process of donation or personal giving can be done through our Just Giving Page (which is due to be set up shortly).

Fundraising at Work or through Friends

Supporting The Powerday Foundation is a great reason to get your team together to enjoy some food and fun whilst influencing positive changes in young people’s lives across London.

Give For Good

Giving events can be a great opportunity for team-building in your workplace or social settings.

  • Jeans & Jersey Day
  • Casual Day
  • Bake Sales

Play Like A Kid

All work and no play can make anyone dull. Let your inner child out for some fun while helping the young people involved in the Foundations work.

  • Video Game Tournament
  • Golf Days
  • Sports Tournaments
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Office Olympics

Become a Corporate Partner

Companies can and will play a key role in becoming partners to the Foundation and supporting and profiling the work carried out, negating social in-equality and raising opportunities for young people across London. A set of mutual benefits and positive profile will be provided for this much needed support from the business community in the Capital.

Please contact the Secretary for more details and updates regarding this community our based initiatives and learn more about our work which can mutually promote your company and it’s place throughout London to young people their families and Friends.


Looking for an easy way to give? Have your gift deducted from your pay-check. It’s quick, easy and the most efficient way you can give to The Powerday Foundation in the workplace.

Present this Pledge Form to your payroll representative to get started helping the Young People of London in hard to reach communities.

Your company could double your support to improve opportunities for young people

Find out If your company has a matching gifts program, your gift to help young people across London and extend their life chances and improve their health and well- being could go Twice as far with your Companies help and support.