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Case Studies & Endorsements


The prolific and nationally renowned Earlsfield ABC in Wandsworth, who have produced the 2016 Rio Olympic Games Silver Medalist, 2015 European Super Heavyweight Champion and 2014 Commonwealth Games Champion Joe Joyce, with support from The Powerday Foundation and London ABA successfully applied for a Sport England Inspired Facilities Grant Award, to develop a mezzanine floor area above their current gym and deliver a new female shower and changing area, whilst improving the male shower and changing areas.

Sid Khan (Head Coach) said ‘The project is now complete delivering a World Class facility which has allowed us to expand our out- reach work in schools and increase membership and user groups, thereby sustaining our future’.

West Ham

The famous ‘Hammers Club’ have for many years been particularly active in the local community in Plaistow and as part of this ongoing community and education partnership network with The Powerday Foundation and London Borough of Newham, have relocated through funding to a former social club increasing the size and options available for members with a big n focus on Women and Girls participation.

Jason Ball (Secretary and Head Coach) stated our relocation was key to the survival of this historic club and we have consequently grown we have, also recently gained further funding with assistance from The Powerday Foundation, to expand our out-reach projects within Schools and Colleges with some extra equipment required to meet demand being experienced in the ‘New Facilities’.

Repton Boys Club

The World famous ‘Repton’ who have produced and supported delivering World champions such as John.H.Stracey, Maurice Hope, Darren Barker and Olympic Medalists Billy Taylor and Audley Harrison, to name a few, have never received any external funding to improve their facilities, The Powerday Foundation have played a crucial role in ensuring much needed investment was sourced and put into their facilities and improvements.

David Robinson (Club Chairman) said ‘Our success has been built in the marginalized area of Tower Hamlets in London and The Powerday Foundation’s support has been essential for us to access external funding and provide a new Female changing area and Gym Flooring whilst refurbishing our showers and changing for the Male participants’.

The Powerday Foundation Athlete Bursaries

George Mitchell (Repton ABC) has received two years of The Powerday Foundation Bursaries, which have assisted his development and performance levels.
George stated ‘ Having won National England Boxing Titles over the last Three years at various age groups, The Powerday Foundation Bursaries have greatly assisted my travel and training costs and have given me security in terms of getting to the gym, as I travel a large distance to receive the top quality coaching and sparring I need to progress and develop further at International Level.

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